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One-Line Bio

One Really Geeky and Opinionated Dude


I'm some dude who has way to many opinions. And I like chicken.

I work for a really big company.

I'm married with one kid. I love them both dearly even though they drive me up the wall (granted, I tend to return the favor).

I have two incredibly spoiled cats both of which are completely oblivious the fact that they are in fact not the center of the universe. Come to think of it, the same can be said about my boy.

I have a dog who's just happy to be here.

I'm Gen X, whatever that means.

Some of my favorite fiction is found in Tom Clancy Novels and in those quarterly letters from the Social Security Administration telling me about monthly payment I'll receive when I retire.

Off the top of my head, my favorite musicians are Jimmy Buffett, Pearl Jam and Guns n Roses.

Best book I've read: Atlas Shrugged, with Executive Orders a distant 2nd. As I said in one of my 1st posts on this site, I haven't read that many books.

Favorite Columnists: Jonah Goldberg at The National Review and Bill Simmons on's Page 2

Favorite Sports Teams - Homer Addition: Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, and Georgia Tech Yellowjackets.

Favorite Sports Teams - NonHomer Addition: Green Bay Packers, Houston Astros, Every Team playing the Yankees or Cowboys

Alma Mater: Kennesaw State University

Favorite Movies: Field of Dreams, The Natural, Bull Durham (note a theme?), Braveheart, LoTR, Usual Suspects


politics, economics, baseball, football, college basketball, computers, PC video games