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March 25, 2004



Good article about how Israel sending the terrorist Yassin on the "bottle rocket ride straight to hell" was one of the best things they could have done.


I thought this was a great quote, especially the end:

"Terrorism against Israel and against the United States is ideologically driven. If the terrorists and their state sponsors were interested in peace, they would state publicly Israel's right to exist. It is the same for the United States. If our terrorist enemies renounced their ideology and hate for us, we might be able to achieve a peace with them. But we should not count on that happening any time soon. Peace is not about processes. It is about winners and losers. This is a fact that Israel has accepted. So must we."


Can anyone give the 'eat s**t and die look' like Condi?

I see the pictues of here giving that face and think about here squaring off against Clark. I got to tell you it makes me giddy to think of her tearing him a new one. It's like a cage match -except its between a lamb an a 700lb pissed off tiger. Oh boy.

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