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March 05, 2004



Oh Master Chicken, like a siren you call to me. Anyway, good job on getting it up (the weblog, that is). Did you notice you had a comment from a fellow chicken lover in your "Is this thing on?" post? Word travels fast amongst you chicken folk.

Dana Miller

Liked the buffett commentary, but I'd put last mango in paris in my top ten. I love the travel & adventure in the song, reminds me of what my brother is becoming. :)


Wake the F' up and post something.


LOL.................................................good 1 Dana. Why do i have you in favorites, Chicken uh Whisper? Do I know you? Anyway keep up the non-ongoing . Maybe your here cause my daughter works @ KFC> have you/yall noticed the price increases? Winner-winner chicken dinner, "WRITE'EM DON'T FIGHT'EM if we can relate maybe we're related....CYA the whoB


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